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When in college I thought the cookie cutter recipe to a lucrative career was to  graduate, find a good job, work hard, and the promotions would come.  In other words hard work = promotion. During my career I saw individuals who were promoted frequently and others who were constantly overlooked for promotions. I personally have been on both ends of the spectrum. What does it take to obtain the promotion?


Strive To Be The Best At What You Do

It is always a good idea to put forth great effort in your current role.  Exceed expectations, strive to be the expert in your role, and continue to learn in your field. Go above and beyond. Volunteer for additional projects and complete them well.  Ask your immediate manger for feedback in areas of improvement. Communicate to your manager your career goals.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Your attitude will determine your success. Many people have heard this before but rarely  believe it.  So here it is again. Your attitude will determine your success. Years ago I recall there was a woman I worked with and every day she had a sticky note taped to her computer. The sticky note read “stay positive” I never knew why she had this taped to her computer. I assumed she needed the reminder for herself. Maybe the ugly horns of negativity was something she was struggling with I thought. I never asked her about the sticky note. In hindsight, it could have been for me. Everyday as I walked past her computer, I saw the sticky note and it was of encouragement to me.

I noticed once I changed my attitude, my life started to shift drastically in a positive manner. I made a conscious and intentional choice to practice gratitude.  Once I started practicing gratitude, my attitude changed, and in turn my life changed.A positive attitude is not something that can be faked. People can feel it. Authenticity in this area is necessary.

Find Yourself Some Cheerleaders

No one has gotten anywhere alone. In your career it is necessary to build relationships with key individuals that can aide in your development. Earlier this year I was at a conference and one of the speakers stated everyone should have a mentor no matter what level they are in their careers. She went on to explain  “you need someone to be  a cheerleader for you.”

This is a  tip many individuals  overlook. Just imagine if you were looking lets say for example, a contractor to remodel your kitchen. You go online look up a couple of contractors. You speak with them over the phone ,receive some estimates, and one you are considering hiring. Later that evening, you mention to your friend you are about to remodel your kitchen. He says I know a really good contractor.  He completed my basement. He is dependable, talented and reasonably price. You call the guy and he seems like someone you would want to hire. Who do you go with? Most people would take a chance on the the contractor that had a good word from a previous customer. This doesn’t mean the other contractor would not have done a good job however, having a “cheerleader” helped seal the deal. In a competitive workplace you can never have enough cheerleaders.

Establish a Good Relationship With Your Manager

I know what some of you are  thinking. My Manager has the people skills of a rock. He could not do my job for one week. This may be true however, this ties into having cheerleaders for yourself. If you are in a position in which you have poor leadership, please take a look at my article How to Deal With A Bad Boss.  I’m not saying you have to be BFF’s with your Manager. However, it is smart to have a good working relationship with your immediate Manager and your Senior Managers. When promotion time comes around you can bet your Manager will be consulted on your performance. Establish your Manager as  one of your cheerleaders.

Network Within and Outside Your Organization

Establishing a strong network is essential in your career. Network within your organization as paths may cross again. Network outside your organization as opportunities are always  becoming available. My approach to networking is what can I do to help others? It can be as simple as introducing two people who can help each other. This approach to networking has come full circle for myself and business. Through my efforts of service to others my network strengthens, trust is formed, relationships are born and business grows. For more tips on networking please read How to Increase Relationship Building Skills.

Please share what has helped you secure your promotion. I would love to hear.

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