How to Effectively Manage Your Time


How to Effectively Manage Your Time

There is not enough time in the day. Have you ever thought this or said it to someone? If you are of the living, I’m sure you have. In a fast pace, I need it yesterday, kind of environment; it seems many people do not have the time to do everything. With work responsibilities, household duties, tending to children, personal care and the list goes on, there seems to never be enough time. Time Management is essential to be productive and achieve life goals. Balancing the never ending list of tasks needed to be completed can become exhausting. These tips have helped me to keep my sanity and remain focused.


In theory, it’s really simple. Complete one task at a time, little by little, until you have completed the entire task. Then move on to the next task. Thinking about all I need to do sometimes becomes overwhelming. What helps me is to prioritize. The task I must get completed immediately goes to the top of my list.

Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips


Do you physically write a list? I swear by a “to do” list! There is something about writing down everything on my to do list. After I have completed the task I draw a line through it. Just doing this simple practice of striking through the task, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. For me accomplishment motivates me to do more and I become more productive.

I love a planner or fancy “to do” note pad. In an effort to keep me organized, I decided to look for the planner of all planners. The cream of the cop.

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Tools4Wisdom Planner
Tools4Wisdom Planner

I came across the Tools4Wisdom Planner. This planner is awe-some! Let me first start with stating it is of high quality. This planner did not disappoint. When I opened the box, I believe I heard music. In black letters it reads “always believe in yourself” Anyone who knows me is aware I Love a motivational quote. Just taking this planner out the box made me want to start planning a bunch of goals.

Then I opened the planner, there was more music. Inspirational/motivational quotes each month. In addition to the quotes, each month there are essential goal sheets. These  essential goals sheets are for you to write out what biggest outcomes you would like to achieve for the month, why, and what objectives are needed to achieve these goals.

It’s as if the planner is having you to create your strategic plan. It really makes an individual go through a road map of how they are going to achieve their goals for the month. Included for each day is a to do list along with priority sub lists. To say I love this planner is an understatement.

I take it everywhere with me and it is a conversational piece. To purchase your fabulous planner click here. You will thank me later.

Utilize Electronic Reminders

Although I love the Tools4Wisdom Planner, I heavily rely on my electronic reminders. With so many tasks to complete I set a reminder for everything. All the way to picking my son up from school. I have reminders on my work email and on my phone. They are used interchangeably  for work and personal tasks. Electronic reminders will help to ensure important projects are completed on time, deadlines are not missed, and make you look as if you are on top of everything!

Be an Early Riser

The early bird gets the worm. I became an early riser by default after I had kids. Ha! I find when I rise before the rest of my household, I am more productive. I wake up 30 minutes before everyone else gets up. During this time I am able to meditate on what needs to be accomplished for the day, write in my planner to do’s for the day and prioritize them.  Sometimes I use this time to journal or start preparing for the day. Try it one morning and see if it works for you.

Do Not Overextend Yourself

Before I commit to something, I ensure I am able to deliver. A mistake  some ambitious people fall into is overextending themselves. Regardless of how well you have mastered time management and multitasking, overextending yourself is setting yourself up for failure. Before saying yes be sure you don’t have too much on your plate already.

Delegate When Possible

Delegate, delegate, delegate. One person cannot do it all. Have a team you can count on professionally and at home. One of the lessons some new leaders have to learn is you cannot do it all yourself. Tasks that can be completed  by someone else, assign them out.

This concept is true in the home. Do you assign chores to your children and hold them accountable to complete them? Does your spouse assist in the home? If not have you sat down and discussed  what tasks you need assistance with?

Time Management skills are essential in life. If you’re a CEO, a sales representative, a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur or all four, mastering time management is essential. What are some tips you have found that helps aid in managing your time? I would love to hear from you!

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Written by: Rochella Neely
“An open book”

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11 thoughts on “How to Effectively Manage Your Time

  1. “Complete one task at a time, little by little, until you have completed the entire task.” This is something I am working really hard on! I am too inclined to jump from one thing to another without finishing the first. I am also bad at letting email and social media tempt me away from the task at hand. Great tips, thanks.

  2. Excellent tips! I have been fortunate and always been an early riser but learning to say no and ask for help were my biggest lessons.

  3. I am also a big fan of writing down to-do lists, it keeps me from stressing about forgetting tasks and things that need to get done. If I don’t have them written out then they just spin around in my head and I feel chaotic and disorganized. I also utilize Google Calendar as my planner and organizer. I love that I can access it on my phone if I’m on the run and need to know what’s happening in the day 🙂

    Gennifer Rose |

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